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One of the major characteristics of any city is the ability to attract tourists.

Tourist attractions, convenience of public transportation and comfortable use of walking routes are the major characteristics that every city should posses. The procedure of organizing pedestrian traffic given below is based on permanent routes.

The suggested system doesn’t reduce pedestrian traffic on other streets of the city but marks the brightest, the most comfortable and safe routes. It also eases the navigation and enables city administration to organize the movement of tourist flows.


Talking about any world capital, megalopolis or just tourist centre, it’s necessary to mention the existence of some extremely interesting and significant objects and places that can be found only there such as architectural and sculptural masterpieces, museums and theatres, squares and parks. Youth won’t miss the chance to go to cafés or disco clubs.

All these attractions are usually situated in different places and that is the reason why tourists who don’t have special navigation skills have difficulties finding sights.

In addition to that, the authorities put a lot of efforts to make the city more beautiful and attractive. New edifices are being built, historical heritage objects are being restored. They make nice and bright urban matrix.

Unfortunately, not all the locals find time and opportunity to go for a walk around their hometown to appreciate the result of such efforts.

What do the routes serve for? Coloured lines on the pavement will connect the sights of the city and will make it convenient for tourists to enjoy the beauty of the city.

Local authorities can arrange the routes in such a way that the visitors of the city will see a coherent picture of the most beautiful attractions of the city.

Potentially youth and socially active citizens might also take part in the project. It will allow to create really interesting navigation system. The tourists will learn about favorite routes of locals and will be able to learn more about culture and feel the original local flavour.

The project doesn’t require big financial investment and can be implemented as a part of social programme.

The routes contribute to uniting people of the same interest, promoting sports and active lifestyle, learning more about culture and arts.


The routes are mostly loopbacked and laid near public transport stations.

With the help of data displays people will be able to learn the basic information about the route – it’s length, walking time, direction and distance to the nearest public transport station and other public accommodations situated nearby.

Types of routes (the type of the route is defined by color, number and special symbols):

historical ( objects of historical and cultural value)

  • sport ( jogging tracks in parks, stadiums)
  • green ( park zones, public gardens)
  • additional peculiar routes (specialty restaurants, entertaining route, religious route, modern street art, etc)

Arrow-shaped navigation signs on the pavement indicate the objects situated nearby:

  • theme objects ( historical route – museums, monuments, exhibition halls; entertaining route – bars, restaurants, clubs);
  • directions and distance to road junctions (bus stops, metro stations, train stations);
  • restrooms;
  • medical assistance, information desks, police, hotels;
  • other special objects.


The lines are wide (10-30 cm) colored stripes that will probably have special emblem of the city or the company painted on pavement, stone blocks or kerb stone.

Navigation arrows are colored stripes (indicators) that correspond to the color of the line or marked object.

Indicators are supposed to have short generally accepted description of an object on them (↑ WC25 meters), (→ Cafe40 feet), (i ←100 yards) or a sign of a commercial object.

To unify the indication signs it is possible to use curved arrows or to insert arrows and information into rectangles or ovals.

The lines might have special emblems, names, length of the route, etc (H1, H2 – historical; ECO1, ECO2…).

The lines are mostly continuous (not dotted). From psychological point of view this kind of lines keep people feeling calm and safe.

It is reasonable to make four basic types of routes:

  1. Historical (connects architectural and artistic objects, museums, exhibition halls). Colour – blue
  2. Ecological (goes through parks, public gardens, boulevards, connects green zones of the city). Colour – green
  3. Entertaining (clubs, cafés, restaurants, entertainment complexes). Colour – red
  4. Evening (based on evening and night lighting of the city). Colour – yellow.

The suggested colours and their tints perfectly fit into urban landscape.

The choice of colours is also logical. For example, the red colour represents the most active and dynamic audience, yellow is visible at nighttime.

Besides the basic routes it is also necessary to create peculiar routes taking into account local peculiarities common for this particular city only.


It is reasonable to organize the system of routes legislatively by adopting proper regulation by city administration.

It will allow to ensure consistency in organizing routes and contextual advertising as well as keeping routes in proper condition.

Establishing a proper web site of the routes will allow to define the most interesting and long-term directions and will also give the possibility to improve city development plan.

City administration or a special managing company may take control over the land use work.

The managing company will choose routes, maintain them in good condition, resolve financial issues.

Putting navigation arrow signs indicating commercial objects (clubs, cafés, restaurants) should be made on a paid basis as advertising services for the object.

Information about location of cafés and bars might be extremely useful for the guests of the city and profitable for the owners of such places.

International companies (McDonald’s, Starbucks, Nestle) can use special, unified symbols on navigation arrows. Domestic companies can use symbols unified within the country.

Specially created system of fixed price can be applicable for such an advertising on a monthly paid basis. Advertising services can be offered on an individual basis.

Funds received by the municipal budget or the managing company from advertising can be spent on maintaining in good conditions and development of the routes, holding social events.

The routes should have standard information boards with a general view of the route and a map with proper information about the route.

On the route may be installed additional information stands showing the sights and interesting places situated nearby.

There should be booklets with information about the routes, something like metro map. Such booklets can be distributed free of charge at the stations and airports.

Information about the routes must be accessible on the web site of municipal administration.

The routes might be integrated into Google, Bing, Wikimapia. It will be interesting to create audio guides for mp3 players and smartphones with GPS on such routes.

A collection of audio files with the description of sights and interesting peculiarities of the city on the way of the route will be available on the web site. The collection of audio files may be played in manual mode while orientating on the route or in automatic mode with the help of global positioning system.


  • Increasing tourist attractiveness of the city.
  • Additional funding to city’s budget or the budget of the managing company
  • Establishment of a convenient navigation system to move around the city.
  • Development of cultural and sport life in the city.
  • Promotion of municipal administration for the locals and guests of the city.


At the moment we are developing solutions to improve urban habitat.

The system of organizing pedestrian traffic is indeed the international project that’s why it is so interesting and important for us.

We will be really pleased to implement this project in the framework of mutually beneficial cooperation.

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