Keukenhof tulips

This spring we have visited Keukenhof (Netherlands) and we were impressed by the quality of products there.

Keukenhof spring tulips

Therefore, we got a new business idea for the Russian market.

In recent years the kits for a hobby and creativity became very popular worldwide. One of well-known examples is «paint by number kits»  — a suite which includes silhouettes of figures on canvas and a fixed set of paintings.

In the Netherlands and Russia, along with drawing, one of the most popular hobbies is gardening. The Dutch flowers and bulbs (especially tulips) are very well known in Russia. High quality of Dutch seeds and bulbs, similar climatic conditions provide a possibility to launch a new product category — «flowerbed by numbers». The kit may include numbered packets of seeds/bulbs, some variants of drawing flowerbeds, tips about planting and soil.

ARTofNATION team and our Dutch partners are going to take part in the design of beds and packages, ensuring proper certification of goods in Russia, adjusting supply to large chain stores.

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